HUGE SALE On Scentsy Buddies thru 06/30/15


Scentsy BUDDY LOVERS!! I have an AMAZING DEAL for you! 😀

06/20-06/30: *ACT FAST! They will go QUICK!*
Audrey the Arachnid, Eggmund the Chick, Gage the Robot, Gilly the Buddy, Parí the Poodle, Percy the Penguin, Terra the Triceratops and Vlad the Bat for just $18 (USD)/$21.60 (CAD) each!
Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak, but with this incredible sale, only the following 36 Scent Paks will be available and only while supplies last:
• A Wink & A Smile
• Autumn Blaze Maple
• Autumn Sunset
• Cedar Cider
• Central Park Pralines
• Cherished
• Christmas Cottage
• Cider Mill
• Cinnamon Bear
• Clove & Cinnamon
• Cozy Fireside
• Dulce de Leche
• Embers
• Eskimo Kiss
• Happy Birthday
• Honey Pear Cider
• Huckleberry Sage
• Iced Pine
• Mandarin Moon
• Ocean
• Peppermint Dreams
• Pumpkin Marshmallow
• Pumpkin Roll
• Silver Bells
• Simply Cinnamon
• Simply Rose
• Snowberry
• Spiced Berries
• Sugar
• Vanilla Suede
• Very Merry Cranberry
• Very Snowy Spruce
• Whiteout
• Winter Pine
• Yuzu Dragon
• Zen Garden
*Half-price Host Rewards and Host credit may not be used.

As always, our limited-edition Scentsy Buddies are available only while supplies last, and with this great deal, they may sell out well before June 30. Order FAST!! or Contact me to place your order today!


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